Fallout Shelter Hack 2015

Fallout Shelter hack is finally here. We are very pleased to present you the Fallout Shelter Hack tool which will make you gaming experience million times better. With this, you can have unlimited cash and supplies.  If you are a Fallout Shelter Fan you must know how hard it is to get cash. You will have to complete a number of tasks to get a handful amount of cash. We are showing you can easy way to get infinite amount of Fallout Shelter cash without having to spend countless hours playing the game or spending real money. Currently, we are providing the hacks for free, but we might be moving it to paid section in order to prevent the overuse of the cheats.  You can become the ultimate champion by of the game by using the Fallout Shelter hack.

Features –

Unlimited Fallout Shelter Cash

Using these cheats , you have infinite cash in Fallout Shelter. You can use this cash to upgrade your players and unlck new features ad items. You can easily clear every level by using the Fallout Shelter hack.

Compatible with all the iOS and Android Version

This trainer is compatible with all the version of the game. We have tested the cheat tool on various devices under simulation conditions.

No need to root or jailbreak

You need not to root your device or jailbreak it. We have designed it to work on device with no super user access. However, we advise you to root your device to make the full use of Fallout Shelter hack.

Encrypted and Secure

You need to worry about your account’s safety. We have added extra layers of protection to mask the connection. We use 256 bit RSA encryption to make connection to the server and it is very difficult to decode the connection profile.

Easy to use and simple user interface

We have designed the simplest interface. Even a 9 year old can use it. You just have to connect your device and run the cheat tool.

More about Fallout Shelter Hack :

Fallout Shelter is the latest strategy game developed for ios device. The game has proved to be a very big hit. The developers are trying to develop a android version of the game as well.

Fallout Shelter Hack 2015